Sunday, May 31, 2009

My daughter, Terah, is currently working on a project, about which I feel compelled to write (and blog); this, because the benefits of her project help mother earth, fomenting healthier cultures--Ok, so there you have it in my words. Basically, she wants to do something big for the earth....but there's a backstory...

It all started this past Earth Day (April 22, 2009). Terah was washing the dishes, I was clearing the counters, drying and putting away after breakfast. She asked me, "Dad, I was wondering, since I have been like 99.99% angel, can we plant a tree for Earth Day?".

"We can look into it I suppose. When is Earth Day? How long do we have?" I queried.

"Duh! Earth-To-Dad, It's Today." she giggled.

"Uhum. Oh, Yeah. Ok. Then No." I said.

Anticipating the impending 'why not', I continued, "Look, maybe Earth Day just snuck up on me. Heck, sometimes I don't recycle because i'm lazy.. But not you. You'll pull recycling out of the trash and not even complain when you help me load it to take it to the recycling center. I love that about you. So if this 'Tree' thing was really that important to you, I know you would have planned to plant a tree. You could have talked ot me about it earlier, or even done some research yourself. But you did not. Besides, You know I have a report due today, so I don't have time this morning to research the topic. So, if you figure it out, then we'll see what we can do."

After the discussion, I continued working on my own project, taking for granted that Terah was researching planting a tree for Earth Day. I knew she had money, but figured I would also be able to use that as bargaining ;) Maybe get her to wash the dishes again, or maybe even mow the lawn :D. The point was, as far as I was concerned, my work required my immediate attention, so I kissed Terah on the forehead, smiled, and then sat down at my computer and opened my project report file in Word.

I'm describing a day, more than one month ago. Why is it important today? Because what started out as a simple exercise in web search for Terah, exhibited completely unexpected results. Now Terah wants to plant 1-million trees by Earth Day 2010. And what's really interesting, is that she actually has a plan!

...i hereby resolve that I will post again soon...(better than i'll try)

And, here's another video of the day, a very interesting presentation from the perspective of the plant world...

Good intentions

I think everyone starts a blog with the best intentions of regular updates. I don't know if I'd call 6 months...regular...ok, so at this rate i'll only publish 2 posts to this blog this year....not good. I should go for at least 3 ;)

anyway, here's a video to consider about social analytics (vs. statistics)