Thursday, August 28, 2008


there is much i want to write about this, but for now, suffice it to say.

1) when he was showing the book 'Bleak House', by Dickens [1:20--1:45], in the upper-left hand corner there was a red fractal [1:18]...and i'm wondering how deep that fracal goes...i'm willing to bet that he could scan indefinately, and it's made up of all the mandlebrot images found on the web...amazing, and the technology can find the relative position within the fractal framework for each image...amazing stuff...but we don't see it all in this demo...i get the feeling he's just scratched the surface...also, imagine using Amazon Web Services and Mechanical Turk together to reconstruct certain landmarks etc., because it was done computationally, but those computations take time and resources. Obviously, Microsoft is developing the core technology for licensing, but is not going to literally go out and process every single landmark throughout the globe...or would they? is there opportunity here for the entrepreneur or not?

2) how does this relate to fractal transactions?

Fractal Transactions: Launching a New Era in the Future of Money

3) The mapping looks very flat in comparison

4) The Nostradam section [4:16--4:45] is absolutely unbelievable...especially when the algorithms catch the picture of the picture of the nostradam [5:19--5:21]...very amazing...

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